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A story to set the tone

Before I get into writing my thoughts, here's a fantasy/story I wrote years ago. IMPORTANT NOTE: Real-life power-exchange/BDSM interactions like the one in this story should never be carried out in anger, in shame, or in any other negative emotion. When things get rough, verbally or physically, it should always come from a positive place, such as admiration, respect, worship, or simple desire to please. And CONSENT is paramount. Each party's consent must be explicit (at the time or beforehand), clear, specific, voluntary, and reversible/withdrawable at any time . If either party is feeling uncertainty or negative emotions, it's time for calm verbal conversation. Rough time is play time. Thus, as much as I real-life admire, adore, appreciate, respect, and covet submissive young women, the combination of emotion and physicality in this story is a fantasy.      You're sitting on the couch reading a book and listening to music. It's about time for me to arrive home from